Marketing Updates

Woah! Koya Rift really took off. I’m extremely happy and relieved it was taken so well by the internet – I’m certainly not used to the attention!

I’ll keep in touch will all of the guys on the internet while I continue to develop the game. I’m getting into the campaign stuff now, so I’ve got to make sure I have enough time to make it absolutely the way I want. This upcoming weekend I’ll be offline most of the time programming, so don’t worry if I don’t reply to your email for a bit.


Koya Rift ended up being featured on a bunch of websites, so I’ll just mark the notable ones here (click on the titles for a link!): – The Weblog

Arguably the most important mention I got. I wouldn’t have gotten near as much attention from everywhere else if they hadn’t mentioned my trailer on their website. Thanks guys!

Kurt Waldowski’s Game Development Blog



The Astringent Gaming Journal

This is a relatively lengthy write up; very very good. I’ll be doing an interview with them soon, so prepare to see that as well!

This website is in russian, just to warn you. I’ve got a bunch of views from it though, so they are worth mentioning! Koya Rift will be translated into Russian, so be sure to remember me guys!


There were also a handful of other sites that mentioned Koya Rift, but they didn’t write much or otherwise weren’t really interesting enough to send you guys to read, so I’ll refrain from posting them. I’ll try and keep this updated as Koya Rift gets more and more attention across the net (yay!).

Preview Demos will start to be handed out to willing/selected blogs and websites so they can write about their thoughts of the battle system of the game (no campaign in these demos!). If you would like one to write about on your website, make sure you shoot me an email at Don’t be shy!

Also: Maybe some early campaign screenshots in a few weeks?


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Beginning the marketing haul!

EDIT: New visitors; welcome to the website! If you want to keep up with the latest news on the game, please click on the link to the right about subscribing to this blog by email. This way, when I make a new post, you will be emailed; and you (and I) won’t have to worry about you remembering to check back here.


Koya Rift is around 3 months away from completion, so I’m looking for an april/may release. Now is the time that developers supposedly have to begin their marketing ramp for a healthy release. I’ve made an advertisement image and two videos for this purpose, here is the advertisement image first (click for full size):

click for full size!

The dimensions of this image are ideal for posting in forums, so you don’t have to type out an explanation of what it is every time. Feel free to pass the image around and post it wherever.

And these are the two videos. The first one is a short promotional trailer:

And the second one is a longer gameplay video that has longer spliced sections of gameplay put together:

I’ll be contacting blogs and preparing demo builds of the game for previews. If you own an indie-game related blog, be sure to contact me (SunnyKatt @! I am open to interviews and also to preview copies of the game at it’s current state.


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December Updates!

So the combat system of the game is pretty much done. I have to add a few labels/tutorial messages, and then throw in directinput gamepad support, and redo the main menu, and I’ll be done all my goals for this year. Sometime after the battle system is all done, I will make that lengthy video I promised (in a few weeks I’ll do another gameplay video first!) and then move on to power through the campaign and multiplayer, hopefully in time for the release sometime after march next year!

I took some new screenshots to celebrate, enjoy!

First I want to show off the fancy new gun rendering. There are 11 bodies and 10 fronts, making for 110 possible gun looks before colors are even considered. 🙂

Just a couple I lazily generated.

And here are the in-game shots that show off how well this has come along since you’ve seen the last ones (click for full size, as usual!):

Check out the shield upgrade. Looks pretty nice next to this sexy generated weapon!

General chaos. Notice the red reticule that lets you see enemies under the obnoxious amount of effects.

More general chaos.

Part of the new tutorial system is little helpful popups during gameplay like this one. If I'm ignoring an enemy shooting at me this pops up and tells me to press the left mouse to fire at him.

Duel in the caves!

Another epic duel! This one with a level 2 droid. We were both moving and missed eachother; but it still looked cool enough to post.

This is one of the new upgrade orbs that the player collects to get upgrades, which are shown as those little yellow icons at the top of the screen. They lay randomly strewn about the level, but you also get them for every five ranks you gain (and you gain ranks by just killing enemies!)

As you unlock new weapons, your most recent one is highlighted in yellow and your little gun inventory adjusts so you can select them all.

The night sky looks so much nicer now. It's been desaturated a bit and I've added stars. Also notice the new tutorial popup that tells me to get to work.

The glows keep you happy while killing things.

The shield kills incoming gnats and helps deflect small bullets like you can see here. However, if I move around and I move into some of the bullets, they can still hit me and they will weaken the shield.

Stay tuned for the next gameplay video; it will most likely be posted in a few weeks.


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Humble Indie Bundle #2

The humble indie bundle is back! Be sure to support my fellow indie developers by donating and in return getting 5 awesome indie games.

  • Cortex Command (one of my favorites!)
  • Braid
  • Osmos
  • Machinarium
  • Revenge of the Titans.

Show your indie spirit by supporting these guys!

I’m sorry if you were expecting Koya Rift content – I’ll post a new video (maybe…) or at least new screenshots soon! Much progress has been made, if you see the checklist. I’ll make a post next week or so, I plan on getting a bunch done over the holiday too.


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New Gameplay video, other progress

First off, there is a new gameplay video up:


Unlike the old one, the quality of this one isn’t awful, however it’s just a simple run though of a typical battle in game. I will still post a much longer in depth video closer to the release of the game that shows everything about how it’s played.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, an item in the checklist is green! (By the end of today, there may be two green items…) No changes in the checklist are reflected in the video, as the video is of the IGF build and not the current development build. After I make any major changes to the game I may upload videos showing them to you.

Also, soon I will be modifying the logo and making a new line of shirts for the game. The new design properly incorporates the text into the design so it will not look out of place anymore. These will also be screenprinted and so hopefully they will be cheaper, and I may make them available from a second manufacturer too. 🙂

I’ll keep you guys posted.


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Getting back to work: The release checklist

The IGF demo is done. Heck yes. Now I have to do a bunch more stuff before I can get moving on the campaign.

I spent this afternoon looking through my huge packet of sloppy notes for Koya Rift and I’ve typed up the official checklist (which you should really visit right now!).

Be sure to remember to check back and see what’s new on the checklist. I’ll be updating it from time to time in the coming months as I work on the game more, but I’ll only make a new post about it some of the time!

Thanks for your support people. Lets rock this thing so I can get it on the market next year.

-Zach (SunnyKatt)

I’m looking for a publisher, too. Email me at

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IGF submission finished!

It’s official – Koya Rift is now a contender in the 2011 IGF. Finally submitted, and a month before the deadline!

An enormous weight is lifted off of my shoulders. I’ll post the link to the IGF page once they update the website for all of them.

Wish me luck! Next post may have a new video, or an update of sorts.


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