Koya Rift To-Do

Here’s my current wish list of features for Koya Rift that I will eventually try to implement.

I’ll update this as I go on, adding things as I think of them and updating the status on feature additions, so be sure to check back every now and then!

Tasks in RED need to be completed.

Tasks in GREEN are already done, but haven’t been included in a public release.


There is no guarantee that items on this list will make it into the game. This is just a “wish list” of sorts that I hope to get done eventually.

Currently I’m working on a new game and so KR improvements have taken a lower priority. I plan on eventually rounding back to this game to improve it with these features, but as of now nothing is promised and these features are not currently being worked on.

End Of-Match screen: This will be a short overview of what happened in your round. It’ll tell you your kills that round, the time it took you to complete, your current difficulty level (and change in difficulty that resulted in), and your “Score”, which is a variable that will be mixing all of those in some sort of formula I have yet to decide.

Additional Weapon Graphics:

  • Abnormally long barrel (for large, slow shooters)
  • Very short barrel (for either shotguns or fast, wavy weapons)

Increased Weapon Variance: There are a lot of unexplored areas with weapons that I can expand into. This is a low-priority update plan, so if I have time it will be done! These aren’t final, just ideas at the moment.

  • “Flamethrower” Style weapon: This will be a weapon type with a flame-style area-of effect spraying plasma. 
  • LazerA giant lazer beam? Maybe one you have to charge?
  • “Missile” Style weaponSomething you can charge up and launch with a cool explosion? Not sure.
  • Grenade Launcher Style Weapon?

16 Responses to Koya Rift To-Do

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  2. I just managed to stumble across your game and have to say it sounds very exciting. Procedural generation hasn’t been done very well in the past (except for Minecraft =) ) and I think that your system sounds very interesting .

    I can’t wait to see what you do with it as you game nears its release date.

    -Emerson Smith

  3. XS says:

    Russian needs alteration.

  4. Ketil says:

    Hey, I just bought the game and I really feels it needs to have a possibility for windowed mode, and preferably so that the game pauses and mutes when unfocused. Other than that I think so far its been great 🙂

  5. All of these updates sound amazing. Absolutely love this game and am eagerly awaiting the above listed changes. IS there a semi-firm date on when the new version may be released?

  6. Koya Rift Fan says:

    lol how come nothing is green?

  7. Samizdat says:

    After all this time everything is still red :(, common sunnykatt, love the game please bring us more.

    • sunnykatt says:

      I’m working on a new game! The checklist for that is here: https://sunnykatt.com/newgame-to-do/

      Koya Rift is not abandoned – I still plan on eventually rounding back and improving on the game and working with it some more. But right now I’m devoting all of my time to a different project, so they’ll stay red for a while.

      This is a future wishlist and not a list of things I’m actively working on. Thanks a lot for the interest. 😀

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