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SALE! 75% off for a week!

  EDIT: The sale is over now. There’s news coming later this week though, so sit tight. Yeah, I wanted to do this a really long time ago. Click here to buy directly (no DRM or third party software needed) … Continue reading

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New interview with AstringentGaming

            Hello internet! I’m not dead. Just very very busy. Here’s a new interview for you, though! – Zach    

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Demo, Impressions, Reviews (From the code-drama page)

Original article: Hey everyone. I hope you didn’t think I dropped off the edge of the world or anything; I’ll try to explain what’s going on the best I can. Koya Rift released a little over a month ago. I’ll … Continue reading

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This is a copy of the original post at: After a year and a half of solo-development, I’m ready to share my work to the rest of the world. Please support me a buy a copy (7.99 USD!). Click the … Continue reading

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Koya Rift gets release date, new trailer

That’s right my friends. The day has come. Koya Rift will be up for sale on May 24, 2011. That’s less than a week from when this post was written! New release trailer: Who are these Code Drama guys? … Continue reading

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Updating the KR source to the GML 8.1 runner, other progress.

Things are going pretty well. The GML runner was updated to version 8.1, which includes various speed updates, security updates, and other things I really love. The one thing that’s driving me nuts right now is that they changed the … Continue reading

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Progress Report [March 2011]

I just thought I would update you guys on what’s going on. I’m getting closer and closer to getting the game done, it’s just taking annoyingly long to get a lot of stuff done when I barely have time to … Continue reading

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