Koya Rift is on Steam Greenlight! New Bundle!

This is our chance to get on to steam.

If you like the game, then help spread the page below and “like” it on the steam greenlight page:


This game is pretty unknown, so I will need a lot of luck and attention to get anywhere. Please share it with friends and post it on websites you frequent!

In other news, Koya Rift is in the Neon Shump Bundle. Get it and a few other cool games for $5!

EDIT: The bundle is over now, thanks everyone!

Thanks for the support everyone! Wish me luck.

EDIT2: I am starting on a new game! Details about it will be announced as soon as we (yeah, it’s not just me working on it) come up with a name for the game. Subscribe to the website via email (top of the right column on the site) so you can get updates as soon as I release them!



About sunnykatt

I'm an Indie Developer. I'm also an artist. Working on Koya Rift right now.
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2 Responses to Koya Rift is on Steam Greenlight! New Bundle!

  1. Amidos says:

    Just wanted to say your game is awesome 🙂 (Team Omidos from Clean’Em Up :))

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