Summer Update Upcoming: Users Decide the Features! Also, 50% off Forever!

During the 75% off sale that happened in February, Koya Rift gained incredible momentum, mostly thanks to the awesome people over on Reddit. I was hit with 150,000+ website views and 550+ sales of the game in under 48 hours. Not only is that more views than the website ever got since it was up, but it also was more sales than have ever been accumulated since the game came out. Incredible!

Now it’s time for me as a developer to give back to the community. I’m going to start by making Koya Rift 50% off forever – a permanent price cut that brings the price down to a more accessible $3.99 USD.

Click Here to buy the game (DRM free)

Click Here to buy the game on Desura


I’m going to spend as much as my free time as possible this (American) Summer adding features to the game. 

What features, you ask? I have a few in mind, but beyond that, I’m leaving the choice up to you guys. What does the community want in the game? Post your questions in response to this post, email me, respond in the Reddit thread, or something else I can see. I’ll offer my feedback and let you know what we can and can’t do.

Here’s what I can’t put in the game (to save you the time from asking):

Multiplayer/Coop: Hugely time consuming – splitscreen can’t work with the current way I wrote the engine, it would take me the whole summer to refactor everything so that I could even get multiplayer working. It’s better to spend time on other features.

Ports to other OS’s: The development engine I wrote Koya Rift in is actually getting ported to other OS’s, but unfortunately KR relies too heavily on windows-only DLL’s to port the game now. I may do this on my own later down the road. I would like to see KR on tablets, but that’s a project for another time…

Click here to see what I’ve already planned to add to the game in a convenient list!

So what do YOU want to see in Koya Rift? A rare, neutral Alien race whose help can be won over? Space battles? Vehicles? Laser weapons? Energy Swords? An option to play as the phantoms? A new, different game mode? A special reddit alien outfit? collectible hats (I’ll veto that)?

I have some more questions. Would you guys like to see update videos every few weeks to see my progress? I think that would be cool. Would you also like playable alphas to come out when I add features? This would take additional work, but it could be done. Let me know! Also, I’m working at a place with flexible hours during the summer. Would anyone be interested in a Kickstarter to fund the update so that I can afford to work less at my day job and more on the update? Would it be successful? Again, let me know what you think!

I have some bad news, too. The demo will not be updated to support the new features. It will take way too much time that could be better spent on more features for the users. Similarly, I’m dropping multi-language support from the game. The translations were bad in the first place that everyone just used English anyway – continuing to support them will make adding new features much, much slower.

Also, remember to sign up for email updates! It’s at the top of the sidebar on the right. Please do this so you don’t have to remember to keep track of the news on your own.

And if you’re really hardcore, you can check out Koya Rift’s facebook page.

As a final reminder, remember to visit the Reddit Thread and distribute your votes and suggestions accordingly. Thanks for the help everyone, hopefully I can reward you guys with some awesome new features. ❤


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2 Responses to Summer Update Upcoming: Users Decide the Features! Also, 50% off Forever!

  1. flopjack says:

    Hey, Zach! I love to support indie guys like yourself and am working my way towards releasing a product myself. If you’re interested in my feedback on your game I’d love to chat over e-mail or Skype. If not, best of luck!

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