SALE! 75% off for a week!


EDIT: The sale is over now. There’s news coming later this week though, so sit tight.

Yeah, I wanted to do this a really long time ago.

Click here to buy directly (no DRM or third party software needed)

Click here to buy on Desura 

Koya Rift is 75% off for a whole week (ends 13th, so a bit longer than a week). It’s two bucks (1.99 USD). That’s cheaper than your lunch. Just sayin’.

If you don’t buy it or you already own it, that’s cool, but please, PLEASE, spread the word. You guys know how horrible I am at getting my name out there. Thanks and Enjoy!

If you own a blog, or any other kind of methods of getting this news out there, help me out and I’ll love you forever.

Game on!

-Zach (SunnyKatt)

EDIT: A lot of new visitors are coming here! You most likely want some information on the game.

Detailed description of gameplay:



Review from an indie gaming site:

Another review if you’re that interested:

You shoot up a bunch of aliens in a procedurally generated set of levels with random weapons and encounters. The difficulty level adjusts as you fight during different levels to keep the challenge pressured on you. It has an overall casual feel, so if you’re a competitive person who wants a game that you can easily pick up and put down from time to time, then it’s most likely for you.


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19 Responses to SALE! 75% off for a week!

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  2. Robert! says:

    Reddit brought me here!

  3. Lewis says:

    It brought me too!

  4. firefly says:

    This game is great!

  5. sadf says:

    Me here reddit brought. – YODA.

  6. James says:

    Robert! says:
    February 5, 2012 at 5:02 pm
    Reddit brought me here!

    ^As a fellow redditor, please stop this crap. You’re making us look bad.

  7. Mesa says:

    I salute you website owner and programmer.

  8. CheezburgerCat says:

    Oh god, how did I get here? I am not good with computer.

  9. Dan says:

    Bought. Keep up the great work, and enjoy the bread I just bought you.

  10. Linas V says:

    Bought it like 8 hours ago, a pretty decent game, really fun to play. Nice job sunnykat.

  11. m00nunit says:

    haha awesome!! 🙂

  12. DM says:

    well just to be fair, i’m interested in your game, and wanted to buy it, but will it be available on steam ?

    because i liked the way steam handles my games, like time tracking, and auto update, and of course if your game is on steam, it will be more known too, because steam has something on their main page, called new releases, and it’s not only for AAA games, but indie games got coverage too, so it would be a great marketing tools, obviously the only downside is, steam take away 30% from your profit, and before you put it on steam, make sure that the bugs are ironed out, and all the basic feature are available, because obviously if the gamer reviewed your games, and found it to be full of bugs, it will hurt indie dev like yourself, ex : bunch of heroes (have potential, but no fixes, and nobody bought it anymore) and another example is Dungeon Defenders (have great potential, but got too greedy, because their game suddenly sell for a lot, and now they are focusing on making future DLC and DLC fixes only, and they didn’t fix their base game and their old DLC is left just like that, and also silly limitation, and now a lot of peoples, including myself has abandoned Dungeon Defenders, and also not supporting them anymore (by not buying their new DLCs)), i think that’s all.

    i look forward to your game being available on steam.

    btw your comment about $2 is cheaper than lunch, well since games and internet are worldwide. a person from 3rd world country like me, would be offended, because $2 is obviously more than the cost of my lunch (my lunch usually only costs me $ 0.5-1).

    • sunnykatt says:

      Hey! I’m working on getting the game on steam, so hopefully it goes through.

      Also the lunch thing is just a phrase. I know it doesn’t apply to everyone, so try not to take it seriously.

      Thanks for checking it out!

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