This is a copy of the original post at: http://code-drama.com/2011/05/24/koya-rift-on-sale-now/

After a year and a half of solo-development, I’m ready to share my work to the rest of the world. Please support me a buy a copy (7.99 USD!). Click the giant button below. You will be taken to a BMT micro checkout cart; after paying they’ll give you a link to a .zip file including the game (gloriously DRM free, so you can copy it to your other computers if you want). and here’s a nice advert image (click to make bigger!): Thanks a ton everyone! -Zach

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4 Responses to KOYA RIFT ON SALE NOW

  1. NickCarney says:

    Are you working on setting up a website now? Anyways, I’m excited, gonna go buy it right now 🙂

    • sunnykatt says:

      Here’s the new site: http://code-drama.com/

      We’re working on setting up forums for it now – but there’s a delay when you book a domain name, so it may be a couple of days until we have a forum set up. Thanks for your support though, you’re awesome!

      • NickCarney says:

        I like it, my suggestion however is to have the front page consist of a little bit of info, a trailer and a buy now button. Move the blog over to another tab at the top. Or you could have the trailer and buy now button at the top and the blog posts directly underneath it. Either way, you need the trailer to be available as soon as one enters the site. I’m curious, what’s next with you guys? Are you planning on developing for any other platforms?

      • sunnykatt says:

        Yeah, the way the site is designed should be a bit rethought for the KR sale. This team is for developing our next game, which you can follow at the site and here. We’re not ready to totally announce it, but we’re planning big, 🙂

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