Koya Rift gets release date, new trailer

That’s right my friends. The day has come. Koya Rift will be up for sale on May 24, 2011. That’s less than a week from when this post was written!

New release trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5NQ7cJuKPI

Who are these Code Drama guys?

Code Drama games is the new team I am joining to work with on *SECRET PROJECT*. However, I’ll be selling Koya Rift off of their website so that people the purchase Koya Rift can track the progress of our new game while they check for updates to Koya Rift.

Where’s it going to be sold?

The game will be releasing through some game distributors (such as possibly Desura or Impulse) in the coming days / weeks after release, but the game will primarily be sold off of the new website (code-drama.com). Our payment distributer is BMT Micro, so you don’t have to worry about us handling your credit cards or anything; a professional company is taking care of all of that. 😉

How much will it cost?

7.99 USD. I know this may seem a little cheap, but I intended this to be a smaller game that’s an easy buy. If I make it cost less than your dinner, I hope that more people will be able to support me and follow my progress as I continue game development in the future.

Ugh, now I have to subscribe to yet another website to follow you?

Yeah, sorry about that. I promise that I won’t be leaving the Code Drama website for a while though. 🙂

Don’t forget! Spread the news!


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