Progress Report [March 2011]

I just thought I would update you guys on what’s going on. I’m getting closer and closer to getting the game done, it’s just taking annoyingly long to get a lot of stuff done when I barely have time to open the source code until the weekends. I’ve been so busy – if I actually had a full week to work on the game full-time, I could get it done. But finding time to work on it right now is really hard and so that’s why I moved the release back until May.

The list of what does need to be done is pretty small:

  • Boss Battle and final level set
  • Translation
  • Finish the campaign interface (it’s not quite done yet).

Also, here is an in-game shot of what a sample campaign map would look like. Yes, these are procedurally generated (what isn’t?). I wanted to keep it relatively stylistic, so I made the map monochromatic with a slight gradient blended over it, and then in-game the individual points of the map glow by color and size based on their difficulty over the map so it gets a cool styled(glassy? waxy?) look to it.

The red points with green glows around them are relatively easy for you, so you should do them first. The ones with strong red glows are harder and should be saved for last.

Also, there is other news in the world of Koya Rift. Two new interviews have been published!

The first one is with fanboy confidential. This is an audio interview, so not only do you get to hear my annoying voice, but you also get to see some additional footage of the game. This interview was a big deal for me because these guys interviewed the developers of Shank and Super Meat Boy before, so it made me feel pretty important (I sure sound petty now…)

The second interview is with a blog called Life’s not Simple, which is apparently about video games. This is formatted like the interviews normally are, but it provides some more insight into the development of the game.

Oh, and I made a facebook page for Koya Rift. Maybe I’ll post more regular, shorter development updates on there, but don’t count on it. When I don’t update things for a while it usually means I’m getting work done, which is good.

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3 Responses to Progress Report [March 2011]

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  2. BlueShamen says:

    That green / red is hard to see with colorblindness.

    • sunnykatt says:

      I’ve had testers tell me the same thing for other parts in the game, and I’ve had to find workarounds there also. I’ll add a hotkey that shades them with luminosity instead of hue so that the color blink can see as well. 🙂

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