Marketing Updates

Woah! Koya Rift really took off. I’m extremely happy and relieved it was taken so well by the internet – I’m certainly not used to the attention!

I’ll keep in touch will all of the guys on the internet while I continue to develop the game. I’m getting into the campaign stuff now, so I’ve got to make sure I have enough time to make it absolutely the way I want. This upcoming weekend I’ll be offline most of the time programming, so don’t worry if I don’t reply to your email for a bit.


Koya Rift ended up being featured on a bunch of websites, so I’ll just mark the notable ones here (click on the titles for a link!): – The Weblog

Arguably the most important mention I got. I wouldn’t have gotten near as much attention from everywhere else if they hadn’t mentioned my trailer on their website. Thanks guys!

Kurt Waldowski’s Game Development Blog



The Astringent Gaming Journal

This is a relatively lengthy write up; very very good. I’ll be doing an interview with them soon, so prepare to see that as well!

This website is in russian, just to warn you. I’ve got a bunch of views from it though, so they are worth mentioning! Koya Rift will be translated into Russian, so be sure to remember me guys!


There were also a handful of other sites that mentioned Koya Rift, but they didn’t write much or otherwise weren’t really interesting enough to send you guys to read, so I’ll refrain from posting them. I’ll try and keep this updated as Koya Rift gets more and more attention across the net (yay!).

Preview Demos will start to be handed out to willing/selected blogs and websites so they can write about their thoughts of the battle system of the game (no campaign in these demos!). If you would like one to write about on your website, make sure you shoot me an email at Don’t be shy!

Also: Maybe some early campaign screenshots in a few weeks?


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4 Responses to Marketing Updates

  1. BlueShamen says:

    That email refuses to work for me, you’re sure it’s right?

  2. anon says:

    Just out of curiousity why don’t you set up a paypal account for donations? I’m not sure if you’d get anything but if I get my job and I like what you put out I’d love to fund you in some way. =]

    • sunnykatt says:

      Thanks for the offer and the suggestion, but the game is releasing in May, and so people that want to support me can do so then by buying the game instead. I’m touched by your offer, thanks.
      I might set up a button anyway, but I suggest that people who want to support me wait until the game releases and pay the $8 or whatever it’s going to be be. 😛

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