Beginning the marketing haul!

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Koya Rift is around 3 months away from completion, so I’m looking for an april/may release. Now is the time that developers supposedly have to begin their marketing ramp for a healthy release. I’ve made an advertisement image and two videos for this purpose, here is the advertisement image first (click for full size):

click for full size!

The dimensions of this image are ideal for posting in forums, so you don’t have to type out an explanation of what it is every time. Feel free to pass the image around and post it wherever.

And these are the two videos. The first one is a short promotional trailer:

And the second one is a longer gameplay video that has longer spliced sections of gameplay put together:

I’ll be contacting blogs and preparing demo builds of the game for previews. If you own an indie-game related blog, be sure to contact me (SunnyKatt @! I am open to interviews and also to preview copies of the game at it’s current state.


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