December Updates!

So the combat system of the game is pretty much done. I have to add a few labels/tutorial messages, and then throw in directinput gamepad support, and redo the main menu, and I’ll be done all my goals for this year. Sometime after the battle system is all done, I will make that lengthy video I promised (in a few weeks I’ll do another gameplay video first!) and then move on to power through the campaign and multiplayer, hopefully in time for the release sometime after march next year!

I took some new screenshots to celebrate, enjoy!

First I want to show off the fancy new gun rendering. There are 11 bodies and 10 fronts, making for 110 possible gun looks before colors are even considered. 🙂

Just a couple I lazily generated.

And here are the in-game shots that show off how well this has come along since you’ve seen the last ones (click for full size, as usual!):

Check out the shield upgrade. Looks pretty nice next to this sexy generated weapon!

General chaos. Notice the red reticule that lets you see enemies under the obnoxious amount of effects.

More general chaos.

Part of the new tutorial system is little helpful popups during gameplay like this one. If I'm ignoring an enemy shooting at me this pops up and tells me to press the left mouse to fire at him.

Duel in the caves!

Another epic duel! This one with a level 2 droid. We were both moving and missed eachother; but it still looked cool enough to post.

This is one of the new upgrade orbs that the player collects to get upgrades, which are shown as those little yellow icons at the top of the screen. They lay randomly strewn about the level, but you also get them for every five ranks you gain (and you gain ranks by just killing enemies!)

As you unlock new weapons, your most recent one is highlighted in yellow and your little gun inventory adjusts so you can select them all.

The night sky looks so much nicer now. It's been desaturated a bit and I've added stars. Also notice the new tutorial popup that tells me to get to work.

The glows keep you happy while killing things.

The shield kills incoming gnats and helps deflect small bullets like you can see here. However, if I move around and I move into some of the bullets, they can still hit me and they will weaken the shield.

Stay tuned for the next gameplay video; it will most likely be posted in a few weeks.


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