IGF submission finished!

It’s official – Koya Rift is now a contender in the 2011 IGF. Finally submitted, and a month before the deadline!

An enormous weight is lifted off of my shoulders. I’ll post the link to the IGF page once they update the website for all of them.

Wish me luck! Next post may have a new video, or an update of sorts.


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3 Responses to IGF submission finished!

  1. Nick says:

    I had no clue you were so far along…congrats! I can’t wait to play it. When can we expect some sort of demo?

    • sunnykatt says:

      Unfortunately due to the dynamic content of the game, a demo isn’t an option for me. 😦

      I will be making a much longer gameplay video that goes through a few rounds so you can get a feel for the gameplay though!

  2. SMP says:

    Congrats, looks like you’re putting alot into this game.

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